Turn waste to electricity and thermal energy

The issue

Is waste management your problem?

Looking for renewable energy sources?

Achieve both on a profit

Digestion (methanisation) is an anaerobic process through which organic matter is broken down. This process releases carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4), a mixture commonly known as biogas.

Take advantage of the enormous possibilities to exploit SEWAGE SLUDGE, AGRICULTURAL WASTES, MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTES, INDUSTRIAL WASTES by converting them to energy.

The solution

Nature shows us the way!

According to our vision, the start of the anaerobic digestion process is a mechanical one, comparable to the digestion that occurs in ruminant animals, making it a complete, highly profitable and effective system that converts biomass into clean energy with almost zero emissions.


Advantages leading to the choice of BioBox-E solutions

  • Very reliable. With over 30 years of experience in methanisation. BioBox-E has the OGIN expertise and know-how to design and install the ultimate solutions to each project.
  • High efficiency by pre-treatment and composition of the input materials, separate hydrolysis and digestion combined with high temperature. Completely mixed as well as Plug-flow digesters are available and designed for each specific case, where conformation or adjustments to existing processes are required.
Compact installations & Robust technology. Our installations occupy relatively little space due to the combination of hi end technology and optimum design.
  • Designed for flexibility. The planning and installation of a biogas plant is designed to be flexible and easily modified following possible changes of the market and/or of the composition of biomass.
  • Maximum Return οf Investment
    The use of BioBox-E & OGIN Biogas Technology, for equal quantity of raw materials provides the client with:

    • Higher biogas production
    • Better digestibility
    • Faster digestibility
    • Shorter retention time
    • Less waste
    • Low energy auto-consumption
    • Low cost of maintenance
  • Operational management
    We offer full operational management including technical and biological services, guaranteeing top performance for your biogas plant with minimum worries.
  • Turn-key installations.
WASTEENERGY combines the hi end technology and the know-how of BioBox-E B.V. & Partners, offering a range of innovative solutions for biogas production, through anaerobic digestion of biomass.
Do not waste time!
Save the environment
Serve the community
Create energy & profit



  • -3 years! Capital depreciation
  • -Patented pretreatment technology increases by 15% the efficiency of the biogas plant for an equal quantity of raw material.

Increased efficiency

by implementing the


in the pre-treatment!

  • Reception
  • Storage
  • Pre mixing
  • Mashing – rubbing
  • Hydrolyses
  • Mixing – Homogenizing
  • Reactor feeding

The advantages of the thermophilic AD process:

  • Higher biogas production with the same residence time
  • Shorter residence time is required with equal feed
  • Elimination of coliform bacteria and pathogens
  • Higher Organic Matter (OM) degradation efficiency
WASTEENERGY S.A. specializes in the “Waste-to-Energy” sector, providing local commercial, construction and consulting services. WASTEENERGY is a joint venture of the Swedish company SCIN AB and partners.
WASTEENERGY S.A. has established a partnership with BioBox-E & OGIN biogas Technology B.V. engaging in the development, sales and realization of biogas installations. BioBox-E B.V. & Partners develops and delivers biogas installations, based on classical and modern industrial concepts for agriculture and industry as well as for “liquid” as for “dry” methanisation.