Stop burning waste gases

The problem

Do you use an industrial flare?

Do you burn waste gases?

Do you burn a profit?

Flaring waste gases provides no benefit whatsoever. This process does not negate satisfactorily the damage to the environment and the degradation of the quality of life for neighboring communities. Furthermore, valuable revenue that could be obtained through the use of modern waste disposal technologies is practically burned into thin air.

Do not burn waste gases!
Make money and save the environment.

Why waste energy and money by using a polluting process?

Today’s technology can turn around this problem and make it a source of profit in every aspect. Landfills, refineries and the mining of gas and oil are just a few of the activities that can take advantage of their by-production of waste gases. Leading-edge technology permits the generation of electricity and useful thermal energy from them, while minimizing, at the same time, their adverse environmental effects.

The solution

A complete and effective system that converts the wasted energy into profitable clean energy with almost zero emissions.

Flex Turbine ΜΤ250™

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

The MT250 successfully operates in a variety of environments.

The 250kW system provides clean, continuous power to a facility while it recovers heat for greater efficiency in on site heating, cooling and hot water systems. It is the cleanest burning and most robust gas turbine suitable for industrial or commercial applications, such as active landfills, refineries, steel industry and any other process that directs waste gases to a torch.

FlexEnergy technology enables customers to generate continuous energy from low caloric value gases while attaining extremely low emissions of NOx, CO and VOC’s.

Oil & Gas Production

Hydrocarbon fuels can result from many operations along the oil/gas recovery stream. “Raw” gases associated with upstream recovery operations can often be conditioned for direct use with a turbine. Hydrocarbon constituents can be used as fuel as long as sufficient dew point suppression can be maintained.

The Flex Turbine MT250™ operates effectively using a wide range of
gaseous fuels. Its ability to adjust the combustion turbine technology, allows the MT250 to make clean and efficient fuel consumption of a broad spectrum of caloric values – even with gas 30% methane content. Thus, low-fuel blends (biogas) or too high in energy (natural gas) that other technologies are unable to exploit, the MT250 reclaims them.

Advantages of a Flex Turbine™ MT250

  • Generates reliable power that provides energy security and the ability to supply electricity to priority loads in the event of a grid outage.
  • Has a long-term field operating record in diverse applications and environments.
Contains an internal waste heat recovery system that results in a compact footprint.
Provides heating/cooling capability in addition to electricity resulting in energy savings over time.
  • Hedges against increasing electricity prices by ensuring predictable costs.
  • Increases power output in colder temperatures.
  • Performs in the harsh environments due to its durable, rugged design.
Has low emissions as a result of its patented low-N Ox combustor.
Recuperates engine heat to enhance turbine efficiency.
Has integrated fuel-gas booster available.
  • Is CARB Certified for landfill gas, digester gas and natural gas

Clean energy production


WASTEENERGY offers a range of innovative solutions for energy production with nearly zero emissions. These solutions revolve around the production of heat and electrical energy (cogeneration) from a wide range of gaseous fuel sources, including low quality gas.
Install now Flex Turbine MT250™ to produce ultra-clean electricity and useful thermal energy.



  • -DEPRECIATION OF CAPITAL: 1,5 -3 years!
  • -PRODUCTION: 2,2 GW per year!
  • -(NOx, CO, VOCs) emissions: < 5ppm!
  • -Low maintenance costs!
  • -Movable to the next site when needed!
The Flex MT250 G3 is a complete system for producing electricity and thermal energy with a gas turbine.
The Flex MT250 EX is a gas turbine, which takes advantage of hot air from an external heat source to produce electricity.
WASTEENERGY specializes in the Waste-to-Energy sector, providing commercial, construction and consulting services. WASTEENERGY is an affiliate of the Swedish company SCIN AB.
WASTEENERGY has established a partnership with EECT-Turbomachinery to install and service the cleanest power stations in the market – all manufactured by FlexEnergy and FlexPower, the leaders in renewable, green and flexible energy production.