The only solution for inactive landfills

The environmental problem

Inactive landfills generate gases, polluting our environment for many decades, if those gases are freely discharged into the atmosphere or the ground.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the methane produced by the decomposition of organic matter in
unmanaged landfills is 20 times more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat from the sun. Not only does methane get produced by the various forms of rotting organic matter that find their way into landfills, but household cleaning chemicals often make their way here as well. The mixture of chemicals like bleach and ammonia in landfills can produce toxic gases that can significantly impact the quality of air in the vicinity of the landfill.

The management of gasses coming out of these sites is a constant issue that lasts for many decades The rate of landfill gas production varies according to the age of the landfill. The longer a landfill is inactive, the less biogas it tend to produce.

Landfill gases, and the shear amount of landfill waste, can easily ignite a fire. Fires can be difficult to put out and contribute to the pollution of the air and water. The most flammable gas that is most commonly produced by landfills is methane, which is highly combustable.


The unique solution

Take advantage of inactive landfills by installing the Ener-core Power Oxidizer™ EC250

The environmental problem caused, has now a unique solution!

Ener-core Power Oxidizer™ EC250

Τhe only solution for discharged gases from inactive landfills.

The Ener-core Power Oxidizer™ (EC), working on low caloric
gases, is the only station that converts the problem into efficient and profitable use.

The EC 250 offers the sole holistic solution with no need of fuel conditioning.

The Ener-core Power Oxidizer™ EC250, not only produce energy from otherwise useless gases, but also literally relieves the atmosphere of any possible pollutants.

The Ener-core Power Oxidizer™ is the integration of an oxidizer system (instead of conventional internal combustion engine) and a FlexEnergy turbine, that creates an electricity and thermal
energy production system with almost zero emissions and a wide range of gas fuels. The EC250 is able to operate on
dilute gas streams with as little as 5% methane content. The EC250 tolerates siloxanes and moisture.

Advantages of the Ener-core Power Oxidizer™

  • Eliminates the need for gas compression and prior siloxane removal
  • Runs equally well on 100% (1000 Btu/scf), 50% (500 Btu/scf), 15% (150 Btu/scf) and 5% (50 Btu/scf) methane fuel.
Operates cleanly and efficiently with a wide range of gas fuels including varying energy content.
  • Produces emissions (NOx, CO, VOCs) below 1ppm, significantly lower than those from other power plants and flares.
  • Integrates two proven and mature technologies – gas turbine technology with thermal oxidation – in a ground-breaking fashion.
  • Scales to match the available gas energy.

  • Low cost service.

Clean energy production


WASTEENERGY offers a range of innovative solutions for energy production with nearly zero emissions. These solutions revolve around the production of heat and electrical energy (cogeneration) from a wide range of gaseous fuel sources, including low quality gas.
Install now the Ener-Core Power Oxidizer™ EC 250 which runs on the widest range of fuels down to as low as 5% methane, and profit on energy for many years



  • -PRODUCTION: 2,2 GW per year!
  • -(NOx, CO, VOCs) emissions: < 1ppm
  • -Low maintenance costs!
  • -Movable to the next site when needed!
WASTEENERGY specializes in the Waste-to-Energy sector, providing commercial, construction and consulting services. WASTEENERGY is an affiliate of the Swedish company SCIN AB.
WASTEENERGY has established a partnership with EECT-Turbomachinery to install and service the cleanest power stations in the market – all manufactured by FlexEnergy and FlexPower, the leaders in renewable, green and flexible energy production.