BioBox-E Biogas

BioBox-E B.V. is a company, which is engaged in the development, sales and realisation of biogas installations.
The company’s unique OGIN main process for the anaerobic digestion process is a mechanical one, similar to the digestion that occurs in ruminant animals.

Biogas Installations for Agricultural Applications

By exploring the possibilities of integrating a biogas installation into your company, we proceed to an initial offer for the delivery of a biogas installation.
This first offer gives you a vision of:

  • The composition of the raw material and expected amount of gas and effluent, with qualitative and quantitative descriptions
  • The extra value of biogas residue as fertilizer and proper handling, storage, and application
  • Highlights of the installation and capacity of the facility
  • Necessary investments
  • Expected revenue and the time until the initial investment is recovered

Biogas Installations for Industrial Applications

Industrial installations are not distinguishable from agricultural installations. Completely mixed as well as Plug-flow digesters are available and designed for specific situations where conformation to existing processes is needed.

Development of prescriptions

The amount of biogas and the appearance of your installation will be determined by the quality and composition of the raw materials. OGIN Biogas Technology can lead you in the development of the right composed prescription.

Unique and innovative adjustments at the well known gasification processes, results to higher efficiency and increased production of higher quality Biogas.

Innovation, Development and Other activities

BioBox-E B.V.  project developers and local governments work together to create a closed-loop of lifecycles for local area development and a lasting balance between living, feeding, and primary agricultural needs.

Other activities of BioBox-E B.V. include:

  • Research of the pre-treatment technique for raw materials to gain faster and better biogas production.
  • Research and development of better calculation systems based on more general analyse methods to predict potential and realisable biogas productivity for a wide various types of substrates for biogas production.
  • Research in further optimizing stirring techniques with special simulating programs
  • Development of processes and revisions of digestate management techniques
Take advantage of the enormous possibilities to exploit SEWAGE SLUDGE, AGRICULTURAL WASTES, MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTES, INDUSTRIAL WASTES by converting them to energy.


The Digesters are the “core” technology of the biogas plant. BioBox-E B.V. delivers mostly thermophilic installations, using the following two digesters:

1. Intensively and Completely Mixed Reactor

The combination of this type of digester with a higher optimum temperature level, leads to a 4 times higher methane production, comparing to traditional biogas systems.
The height of this reactor type is almost equal to its diameter, providing the optimum shape for the use of one of the two advanced mixing methods:
The stirring method takes place either a) by the direct injection of biogas inside a vertical tube, evoking an up-flow
process or b) by the use of an electrical driven mechanical mixer, inserted from the roof evoking a down flow process. The choice depends on the type of substrates being used.

With over 30 years of experience in methanisation, BioBox-E B.V. has the OGIN expertise and know-how to design and install the ultimate solutions to each project.

2. Plug Flow Reactor

The process steps in a plug flow reactor are consecutive and lead to an unusually high productivity.
These steel, polyester or concrete made tube shaped tank reactors are heated by the longitudinal stirring device.
Depending on the size of the reactor, the stirring devices could be placed lengthwise or crosswise, having its electric or hydraulic drive units placed on the outside of the reactor.
The Substrates being used can contain up to 30% of dry matter.
The especially developed equipment used in the preparation of these substrates can easily be adapted to any specific combination of substrate type being used in the installation.

  • OGIN Biogas Technology
  • OGIN Biogas Technology