The future drives us to green energy

WASTEENERGY specializes in the Waste-to-Energy sector, providing commercial, construction and consulting services. The implementation of the eco-friendly FlexEnergy electric and thermal power stations is a proposal not only ecological but also financially sound, due to the high prices of energy produced from renewable sources and enjoys the expertise and service support of the world leaders in this field.

Flex Turbine ΜΤ250™
Stop burning waste gases

Do you use an industrial flare? Do you burn waste gases? Do you burn a profit?

Flaring waste gases provides no benefit whatsoever. This process does not negate satisfactorily the damage to the environment and the degradation of the quality of life for neighboring communities. Why waste energy and money by using a polluting process?

Today’s technology can turn around this problem and make it a source of profit in every aspect. Landfills, refineries and the mining of gas and oil are just a few of the activities that can take advantage of their by-production of waste gases. Leading-edge technology permits the generation of electricity and useful thermal energy from them, while minimizing, at the same time, their adverse environmental effects.

Flexenergy Powerstation™ FP 250
The only solution for inactive landfills

Inactive landfills generate gases, polluting our environment for many decades, if those gases are freely discharged into the atmosphere or the ground. The rate of landfill gas production varies according to the age of the landfill. The longer a landfill is inactive, the less biogas it tend to produce.
The FlexEnergy Powerstation™ (FP), working on low caloric gases, is the only station that converts the problem into efficient and profitable use. The FP 250 offers the sole holistic solution with no need of fuel conditioning. FlexEnergy Powerstation™, not only produces energy from otherwise useless gases, but also literally relieves the atmosphere of any possible pollutants.


FEAC Engineering

Αn engineering consulting company, highly specialized in Simulation Driven Product Development. Αpplies simulation expertise and operational experience to solve challenging & complex problems.


Is reputed for top technological solutions through its commitment to develop the cleanest energy platforms in the world


Founder of the FLEXIDISER. Innovative technology converting low calorically gases (1,5% methane) into clean energy

BioBox-E Biogas

Innovative engineering for most efficient & higher quality biogas production facilities. Founder of the MOLARES®

Invest in WasteEnergy's projects!

WasteEnergy provides an independent and impartial investment platform "Project 2 People & People 2 Project" to individuals and/or legal entities.
Get the opportunity to be a minor or major participant in highly profitable power production projects.

Project characteristics:
* Implementation by WasteEnergy  * Solving environmental problems
* Transparent procedures   * Using the latest proven technologies,
* Minimum operational costs   * Fixed market price

News & Announcements

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Case Studies


Plant location Zeewolde / Flevoland / Netherlands Process Plug- flow digestion Capacity 35.000 tons of co-products and manure per year Digester Plug f


The 21-floor multi purpose federal facility Phillip Burton Federal Building chose Flex turbine MT250 to achieve the maximum available energy savings


Plant location Tirns (Wybritseradiel)/ Netherlands Process Intensively mixed thermophillic digester Capacity 20.000 tons/year manure and co-products D


The surgical and medical instruments Ethicon facility chose FlexEnergy Turbine MT250, as a consistent provider of on site heat and electrical energy

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The EU legislative framework for renewable energy

  • DIRECTIVE 2001/77/EC of September 27, 2001

    for the promotion of electricity produced from renewable sources in the internal electricity market
  • DIRECTIVE 2003/30/EC of May 8, 2003

    on the promotion of biofuels or other renewable fuels for transport
  • DIRECTIVE 2009/28/EC of 23 April 2009

    on the use of energy from renewable sources and amending and subsequently repealing Directives 2001/77/EC and 2003/30/EC

Green Solutions

  • The clean power production
    The future drives us to Green Energy
    Flexible “green” solutions for electric and heat energy production

  • Ultra-clean electricity and useful thermal energy is generated from a rugged and efficient turbine system. Successfully operates in a variety of environments.

    Flex Turbine ΜΤ250™
  • Generating clean energy from greenhouse gas sources is beyond the capability of existing energy technologies. The Ener-Core Powerstation FP250 now fills this gap with its ability to utilize all sources of methane.
    Ener-Core Powerstation FP250