Flex Turbine ΜΤ250 G3

The MT250 G3, the third generation of FlexEnergy’s proven gas turbine with nearly one million operating hours in the field, boasts the following improvements:

The MT250 G3 is a complete system for producing electricity and thermal energy with a gas turbine.


Low Emissions; Carb Certified
  • High Maximum Output
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Long Term Field Operating Experience
  • Robust System Design


  • Higher Quality Fuel Sources
  • Cogeneration Applications
  • Active Landfills
  • Associated Petroleum Gas
  • Digester Gas
  • Natural Gas Systems
flex turbine mt250 g3 graph


Nominal Electrical Output 250kW
Minimum Fuel Higher Heating Value 300Btu/scf
Minimum Fuel Supply Pressure 80-115 psig
NOx Concentration in Exhaust Gas <5ppm
CO Concentration in Exhaust Gas <5ppm
Heat Rate (HHV) 12645 Btu/kWh
Electrical Efficiency (LHV) 30%
Exhaust Gas Temperature 450-5000 F
Exhaust Gas Mass Flow 4.7 lb/sec
System Weight 540000 lbs
System Footprint 11 ft x 7 ft