Flex Turbine ΜΤ250 EX

This system provides customers the flexibility to produce electricity and useful thermal energy through their applications. The Flex MT250 EX is the only turbine in its class to offer such options to the customer.

The Flex MT250 EX is a gas turbine, which takes advantage of hot air from an external heat source to produce electricity.


Easy Integration to Custom Processes or Systems
  • Comprehensive Development Packaging
  • Robust System Design
  • Compact Power Source
  • Integrated High Effectiveness Recuperator


  • Βiomass combustion
  • Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) heating
  • Ηeat capture from industrial processes
flex turbine mt250 ex graph


Nominal Electrical Output 250kW
Air Mass Flow Rate 2,13 kg/sec. (4,7lb/sec.)
Package Footprint 3.35 mx2.13 m (11ft x 7ft)