The Company WASTEENERGY A.E. (S.A.)

WASTEENERGY A.E. was founded late 2012 in Ioannina Greece as an extension of the shareholder Swedish company SCIN AB & Partners‘ general WasteEnergy concept.

WASTEENERGY A.E.’s business activities are concentrated in the Waste-to-Energy sector, providing commercial, construction, maintenance and consulting services. The company’s primary fields of expertise are focused on the following :

  • Production of continuous energy (with almost zero emissions), using a broad range of gas-sources, including previously unusable ultra-low quality gas
  • Construction and management of innovative high efficiency biogas production plants
  • Waste management consulting


WASTEENERGY A.E. & Partners main target is to install and service innovative technologies either through direct sale & maintenance to local parts in both private and public sector, or through the installation, operation and exploitation of the technology for the company’s own and /or participating investors behalf under various types of collaboration. An effort fully supported by our international group, network and people with many years of expertise in the investment and energy sectors.

WASTEENERGY A.E. offers a range of innovative solutions for energy production in a financially attractive and environmentally accountable manner.

Mission statement

WASTEENERGY A.E. will combine and steer innovative and green solutions, processes and concepts in order to actively participate in solving crucial society and environmental waste problems, turning them into smart, profitable and valuable future proof ecological sources of energy.

Human & Environment

WASTEENERGY A.E. aims to be part of the solution to the current environmental issues and to positively influence people’s quality of life. This is a strong principle fully applicable to the purposes and objectives of the company and holding a leading role in the company’s strategy. We are convinced that business, profit, people and environment are equally important factors in order to ensure the common long-term success of all!


WASTEENERGY A.E. currently consists of the Board, the General Manager and an external advisory committee extracted by our network, for the support of the management. The Board is to grow in the coming months to a final of 7 members with relevant knowledge according to the company needs at the time. All the projects are being direct coordinated by WasteEnergy and executed by its specialized team, by the networks international partner experts and by local carefully selected contractees of strategical importance.

Clean energy production (Waste-to-Energy-WtE)

WASTEENERGY A.E.’s solutions enables the production of heat and electrical energy with nearly zero emissions, by the use of a wide range of (un)purified gas-fuel sources including extremely low quality gases, by the use of common production processes waste heat (co-generation) or with stable mainly thermophilic high efficiency biogas installations. The group’s personnel specialization, flexibility, innovative technology, decades of experience and personal commitment to every single project, guarantees the implementation of customized optimal solutions and maintenance of stable power production

WasteEnergy A.E. (S.A.)
Marikas Kotopouli 17
45 445 Ioannina, Hellas +30 2651 303 753 +30 2651 306 109
Vat nr. EL.997.535.982
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