$400 Million Deal for Flexenergy

November 14, 2013 (NEW YORK) FlexEnergy, Inc. of Portsmouth, New Hampshire announced a contract for sale of 200MW gas turbines to Distributed Generating Company, LLC of Samara, Russia (DGC).   The American made units will be used by DGC to provide lower cost and dependable baseload electricity principally to medium and small sized businesses in Russia.  The deal has begun with a significant direct purchase, however, the majority of the order is subject to financing approval by the Export Import Bank in the United States.

DGC chose the privately held FlexEnergy as the hardware supplier for its power generation business in Russia after an extensive research process which identified FlexEnergy’s GT Series Turbine Generators as offering the best solution for the particular demands of DGC’s business in Russia.  The design technology of FlexEnergy’s Turbine Generators have proven their dependability logging over 4,000,000 operating hours across its fleet.  DGC will be buying the recuperated, high efficiency GT 250kW and 333kW turbines, which are the only turbines in their size class to offer highly robust synchronous generator technology, allowing the units to easily pick up and shed greater loads. Additionally, FlexEnergy turbines are the only turbines in their class to offer the potential for seamless transition from grid-parallel to grid-isolated operation, which can be invaluable in situations where grid sourced electricity is at times intermittent.  The GT Series Turbines also offer class leading emissions performance, allowing DGC and its clients to demonstrate exceptional environmental performance.
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